Yoram Sheftel on Hebrew Wikipedia

Up in our 17th floor office in Mevaserret Zion in Jerusalem, whilst doing the upkeep of this blog, its most interesting to look at the terms people Google search for that get here.

For instance, Messianic Jews and the Mossad, that sounds like our dream job for us as believers in Yeshua to pray and intercede for this country and track down our enemies who wish to hurt Israel or the Jewish people and bring them to justice as see our God glorified.  Are their believers there?   we don’t know and will probably never find out.

A second one; Yoram Sheftel Wikipedia.

This is the lawyer who is hired by Yad Lachim to help out with sueing some of their opponents, and also help out in defending suspected Nazis and mobsters too, as per our original article on him.

He doesn’t appear on Wikipedia, well just not the English one, so if you want to read up on this gent, to satisfy the curiousity of our readers, heres a translated copy into English of the Hebrew article for him:


Original Hebrew article here also:


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