Eli Yishai and Yad L’Achim


Israeli Interior minister Eli Yishai has been accused of encouraging incitement that caused May’s violence against African immigrants in Tel Aviv.

What else is Eli Yishai involved in?

He and his party doesn’t like gentiles that have converted to Judaism, or Russians according this article from Harrys Place.


Mr Yishai has a statement on Yad L’Achim’s site that he supports the work that they do:

We think Eli isn’t a good deputy PM of Israel, and is contrary to the democratic nature of the Jewish state, especially as Israel’s Ministry of Interior dept has been long rumored of denying Aliyah applications from the Jewish believers in Jesus based on their religious views.

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As believers who love Israel, we post this to show despite our love for this country there is injustice and its our intention to criticize constructively as a mean of getting any corruption known, so prayer and legal actions can show those who misuse their positions or commit prejudice can face their actions.