Yad Lachim activist dead after possible revenge attack from Arab rescue effort


Haredim Raphael Miriashvili murdered involved with Yad L’achim volunteer work rescuing Jewish women from Arab villages.

Miriashvili made contact with the woman after receiving her phone number from the radio station, and proposed a “rescue plan.”

    Donning Border Police uniforms, Miriashvili and two friends pulled up to the home of the youth in a rented car, arriving late at night. They informed the youth that he was under arrest, and that he was being taken to Ramle’s police station.

    As the car sped through the streets of south Tel Aviv, the youth realized he was not in police custody, and he leaped out of the car as it traveled at high speed, sustaining light injuries.

    He called the police, who apprehended Miriashvili and his two accomplices.

    Miriashvili was found guilty of kidnapping, battery, and conspiracy to commit a crime while carrying a firearm. He received an 18-month prison sentence, which was reduced to a year for good behavior, and was set free a year ago.

    Miriashvili was last seen by his sister in July as he was leaving his home. His family say he had planned to travel to Safed to begin a new job.

Yad L’Achim takes on volunteers with criminal records, and lets them do rescue work of women in Arab communities in highly risky areas using false uniforms of police/border officers.    Not really sensible is it?

We, at YLW, support getting Jewish women that could be trapped in a violent relationship with an Arab man in an Arab neighborhood but this should be done by the police or military.   Its not conclusive if getting a Jewish woman with or without a child out of a relationship with a non-Jew is done because shes is trapped or been abused – or, because simple the woman’s choice of husband doesn’t fit in with Yad Lachim’s ideologies.

All of us are sad for Mr Miriasvili’s death 3 years ago, we hope no one else tries to get into dangerous situations, this should be done by professionals.

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