Antimissionaries are wannabe Mossad agents

Now you know about Yad Lachim’s publicly available strategy on how they spy on Christians and Messianic Jews, we have been thinking that Yad Lachim are a sort of Mossad-wannabes, ie: like causing trouble and spying on people they label as missionaries makes them feel like a real intelligence operation, so much so…

Heres a Facebook profile of Y-L’s boss of their New York operations!!   Elementary my dear Watson!!

Looks like being a journalist is a good job to moonlight to as well!!

Also, one of Y-L’s NY offices is in or close by a wig shop!   If Google maps is correct, its a pretty cool front for a criminal business if you ask us!!

We are going to be extra careful next time someone new is in our Messianic congregation with big hair.

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