Jpost: Yad L’achim supporter and suspected murderer Yaakov Teitel in court soon again

It seems at the moment he is just being tried mostly for the murder of Palestinians currently.

Palestinian taxi driver Samir Balbisi was murdered in 1997 was picked up by Teitel at the Damscus gate shown here above.

The date of the trial is 28th June 2012, which happens to be 45 years to the day since East Jerusalem was annexed after the Six Day War.

An update has been put on the blog of the mother of Ami Ortiz, whose family was thought to be targetted by Teitel.

We think that Israel normally does well in its court cases, as its the only democracy in the middle east, but we pray justice will be done and the Tietel will be in the slammer for life, along with adequate sentencing for anyone abetting him.


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