Yad Lachim openly admit spying activity on their web site

Straight from the horses’ mouth from Yad Lachim’s Rabbi Alex Artovski, no less!


Or in case the link disappears in future, have a look at this:-

Here we have underlined bits we think are kind of illegal.

Just in case you still think we are being slanderous and unkind to Yad Lachim, or if you are new here, this is why this bunch of clowns need to put out of business for good.

Hiding in Messianic congregations and also telling people’s employers and landlords information to force people to get them fired and/or evicted seems like a hate crime to us.

We don’t hate them, but we think threats and actions class them as a non-legitamate charity or business, we would love for them to see them changed and find their loving G_d.

More on Rabbi Alex from the Rosh Pina Project blog here: