Jesus on a bus causes upsets

From 2008, Looking Yad L’Achim’s fairly sparse Facebook group points out upsets over buses advertising Yeshua.

This is highly surprising, as 1) its pretty rare for organizations promoting Jesus in Israel to do an open campaign like this on transport and 2) the advertising bus-war was one started in the UK, with an atheist organization fronted by Richard Dawkins with a “There’s probably no God, now stop worrying and enjoy life” campaign, only to be met with a similar counter ads from Christians “There is a God, stop worrying and enjoy your life”

We didn’t scratch out the web site link, Y-L did, we think this is from the people, rather than Jews for Jesus.   Either way, good work gents.

The wording on this ad is similar to the words done by Orthodox followers of Nachman Meuman.   You can see these stickers and grafitti all over Israel.

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