Yad L’Achim helps persecute minorities in China

Yad L’Achim say they don’t like Eastern cults operating in Israel, take a look at this link, here is a pic with highlighted section:-


Funnily enough, this is current Yad L’Achim senior anti missionary officer Binyamin Klugger’s ex-employer, the Chinese embassy in Tel Aviv, according to his work history on Facebook.

Here is an article from the Chinese embassy in Tel Aviv about Yad L’Achim and their warnings of Chinese religions in Israel:-


Our understanding, is that Klugger went to China as a consultant on cults, and has misused his contacts whilst working for the Chinese embassy in Tel Aviv before working for Yad L’Achim!    Are his ex-bosses aware of this?  Would there be a confidentiality document to adhere X number of years after employment terminated?

We don’t know much about “Falun Gong” – but abhor torture and persecution of any religious group.

For Yad Lachim to ignore the Chinese government’s attitude toward torture of these people is disgusting.

In addition to that China is one of the most heavily persecuted places for Christians here; http://www.persecution.org/category/countries/asia/china/

However it seems this doesn’t interest Yad L’Achim or the Chinese embassy in Israel,

Here, Binyamin Klugger is in China at a conference using a pseudonym of Benjamin Lesage, wonder why he needs to hide??


We think Yad L’Achim are an embarrassment to Israel, and the Chinese embassy should keep quiet about getting ‘advice’ from religious consultants, and stick to sorting out their own problem of lack of religious freedom and human rights.   Israel is the only democracy in the middle east, so we are sad to see this kind of unhealthy relationship.

We are curious of what Klugger says in the last translation about Chinese Christians.