Religious jealousy in Israel International Bible Quiz

Old article from Jpost, 2008;

just before Independence Day, a group of religious Zionist rabbis called for a boycott of this year’s International Bible Quiz after discovering that one of the four finalists from Israel, Bat-El Levi, an 11th-grader from Jerusalem’s Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood, was a messianic Jew. The rise in tensions is partly due to an increase in the number of messianic Jews in Israel over the past few years, with some estimates putting the community at 15,000, and partly due to increased fervor within haredi anti-missionary groups.

Who were these Rabbis? Yad Lachim explain of course!

We would prefer dealing with a theological debate with some comfy chairs and a nice cup of tea in a civilised manner, if you disagree with someone’s religious views, or just participate in the quiz and do your best!

More here (English translation)

Original Hebrew article

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