“Jewish Israel” like Yad Lachim, also don’t like the police

We think Police should not be spied on like this from a relatively old article still on the front page of ‘Jewish Israel’ an antimissionary group similar to Yad Lachim.

This story of an Israeli policeman found Yeshua and got married to a fellow believer:


Nope!  you can’t read this unless you are in their club!

Can we join?   Go on, please??

Officially not, but we thought we would try anyhow.  You can partly register, but it seems they have a strict policy on who they take on, as it seem you are are a gentile or Jewish believer in Jesus you are forced to say here:

Maybe if we could join “Jewish Israel” we could join in and dialogue with them?

Seems unless you fill in the form with the right answers you are out on your ear!!

We think they need to re-read their own terms and conditions! 🙂

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