Cults vs cults in Jaffa

From Israel National News:

One cult shuts down a rival cult!!!   Actually the Scientologists are still operating it seems.

Lets go and take a wander to downtown Tel Aviv and Jaffa:

Look throught the windows of this cult which has a very attractively finished ex-cinema type building.   The lighting gives it a perfect sinister looking appearance!!

The funny thing is both Yad Lachim and the Scientologists both are in same street; Sderot Yerushalym!

Only a few hundred metres down the road is a different cult….

This is a nice looking old Synagogue which seems to be in great disrepair which is a shame, it looks like its been unused for sometime.   This building is not what we are interested in, its the alley next the red canopy in the distance…

Looks like a lot of other sleezy parts of Tel Aviv.

 Here us the sign which is a little hard to see…..

They are both unpleasant places in Israel, at least one is dedicated to getting rid of the other….

One is a money making cult with strange electronic reading devices using pseudo-science quackery, which has its theology based on science fiction ‘Xenu’.

One is an oddball strain of Orthodox Judaism that spies on Messianic Jews and Christians, (and often targets the wrong people anyway) also a charity with no financial accountability, has lawyers who help out mafia gangs and suspected Nazis and has leadership after being suspected of criminal damage, make cartoon grafitti on police cars on their Facebook profile after getting arrested!!

We plea for the Jewish people to steer clear of both of these!   G_d bless Israel!


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