Antimissionary groups upset about mailshots by believers in Israel

Religious nanny web site ‘Jewish Israel’ have their knickers in a twist over a story in the news over Hebrew language evangelism literature being mailed around the country:

I get literature in my door about home improvement, pizzas, taxis and other marketing details in my mailbox here in Israel which almost all goes in the bin.   If the homeowners don’t like it they can simply throw it away, otherwise let the person chose what products, services or ideologies he wants to make his own mind up with.

My Messianic friends in the centreal Galilee had some of this put through their letterboxes in March when I visited them, it seems like well written material, answering common questions, ie: Isaiah 53 etc.

The post office should delivery all post along with any other circulars as long as its not hateful or defaming, and its none of their business if they don’t agree with it.   Its their job.

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