Wikipedia!! The great way to make an expensive Yad Lachim book without much effort

The Jewish people are known as the people of the book, and thus highly educated, if you check Wikipedia, there is 132,969 articles in Hebrew and 175,384 articles in Arabic, only 30% more, when you consider theres 38 times more Arabic speaking people worldwide then Hebrew, that’s quite some achievement.

Sadly Yad Lachim’s range of books in print is a bit disappointing.

I haven’t read this, but its on Amazon France site.

A closer look at the red sticker on the front reveals this is not from the high quality Rabbinic scholarship you hope it to be.  Shame.

Yup why read Wikipedia for free when you can buy a book which the author has done a minimal amount of effort for over 48 Euros or 240 Shekels?   There is probably only a thin amount of articles to produce a ‘leaflet’ sized book rather something proper, which is odd.

Actually you know what?   we will hold up hands and saying we are being a bit harsh on Y-L today, the same authors have written lots of books on all kinds of articles here:  Art and photography, gay & lesbian, law, sports and computers, so these people (Lambert M. Surhone, Miriam T. Timpledon, Susan F. Marseken) are just some large scale plagarists on Amazon.

You are welcome to copy our blog, please throw us some Shekelim for coffee or funds to get some reading material from Stimetskis. Toda Raba 😀

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