Lawyer who defends retired Nazi suspect helps out Yad Lachim

Yoram Sheftel is known as ‘Satan’s Lawyer’ in Israel.

I am sure there are times when any religious organization need some legal assistance, they have a lawyer to help them out.

So who would they choose?   You would guess there are plenty of decent honest religious Jewish lawyers in Jerusalem or NYC that would fit the bill?

Actually not for Yad Lachim, apprently in retaliation for being paralleled with the KGB and Gestapo, they threatened to sue Messianic Lawyer Calev Myers.

Yoram Sheftel was the man for the job, and became famous for defending John Demjanjuk, a Ukrainian suspected Nazi war criminal who later moved to the US worked in an auto factory and died aged 91 in March 2012.

Its hard to think of anything more morally repulsive than someone working to get Nazi war criminals off the hook, not only that but also Haggai Amir brother of Yitzik Rabin killer Yigal Amir and crime bosses in Israel and has his own radio show according to 972 Magazine.

Mr Sheftel has even written a book about the trial of Demjanjuk too.