Binyamin Klugger confesses to vandalism of churches on Facebook?

This is Benyamin Klugger, he is the current boss of Yad L’Achim, oddly enough hes not an ethnic Jew but a Frenchman converted from Catholicism and later moved to Israel.   We think its ok if its your choice to convert from one religion to another, but to bully people who change their religious affiliation from what their family practice isn’t nice and a little bit hypcritical.

Benyamin likes to get his hands dirty in terms of spying on Christian organizations to make sure they aren’t converting Jews, for instance here he is visiting the largest event visited by foreign Christians, The Feast of Tabernacles event hosted by the ICEJ every October.

Until 2011 Yad L’Achim was fronted by Rabbi Dov Livshitz who passed away at 83, and Klugger took over running the Israel operations.

Recently Klugger was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage on several churches in Jerusalem in the ‘price tag’ attacks on Christian places.

Usually the press will report these types of attacks on Christian establishments are “price tag” related and blame Jewish settlers in Judea and Samaria, and thus risk exacerbating the tensions in this part of the world.

From his Facebook, it appears Klugger appears to confess up!

Hold on, whats this pose he is doing?   Isn’t the victory salute whilst in handcuffs looks awfully similar Yaakov Teitel’s gesture when he was arrested from our previous post???

Mr Klugger has had some interesting jobs before he joined Yad L’Achim.

He doesn’t have any respect for the police!!   Guess this is what happens if you are in a jail and you are bored and have a graphics app on your smart phone!   Just as obnoxious as the Flytilla anti-Israel crowd who scratched a swastika on the wall of their cell after being detained by the immigration authorities.

What a good example of a man, for the leader of an organization that is concerned about Jews confused about their religious convictions!

The big question is going to be if the rest of the leadership of Yad L’Achim ought to fire him where he is guilty of these charges or not and post a message saying his actions are nothing to do with them I suppose?    We look forward to their official statement soon!!

We think he’s just lost his head!!

Update: apologies for missing out the link to Klugger’s official arrest.   This has been added here.


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